Hillstone Middle East - UAE

- 25 years - 1989 to 2014 -

Hillstone Products from the UK have manufactured and rented load banks since 1989, which makes 2014 our 25th year!

The key members of Hillstone over this time have been:

Paul Smethurst - Managing Director,

Donald Smethurst - Sales Director, and

Damien Pattrick - Operations / Technical Director.

We first sold a load bank to the Middle East in 1997 with a DC load bank sale to Dubal in Dubai.

It was however from 2001 that we began to seriously focus on the Middle East markets of Oil & Gas and Telecoms which established Hillstone UK sales to UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, & Saudi Arabia.  

The next stage of Middle East came between 2007 to 2011 where we established local support to our customers with the creation of a Middle East load bank rental depot in Dubai.  This was under a JV with a Dubai mechanical equipment rental company which became very successful under the technical and commercial supervision from Hillstone.

On April 8th 2012 we opened Hillstone Middle East Trading LLC in Dubai for the direct representation of our load bank business in the Middle East.  Paul Smethurst became CEO of Hillstone MET having relocated to Dubai in 2011 and quickly established our AC & DC load bank rental and sales and also our datacentre services to customers such as DU, Blackberry, Mobily, Equinix.  

This year - 2014 looks to be another exciting time as we have added Cellcare from the UK to our sales profile and will be stocking the new CTL-150 Battery Cell Voltage data logger.  There are also two or three other major developments that will be announced in the near future.